Public Report: Capture of the Criminal Justice System

Troubling as it is, State Capture has rapidly become the darkest chapter of South Africa’s post-apartheid history. Nothing can compare, in sheer scale and greed. Not only have key ministries been taken over by corrupt individuals, but so too have key state owned companies. In order to protect the criminal elite from the inevitable criminal justice system, it was necessary for them to also take over the criminal justice system. It stands to reason that, if you ‘control’ the criminal justice system, you are highly unlikely to be arrested for corruption. The wholesale looting of state coffers, of billions and billions of Rand, has led to increased unemployment, failed service delivery by corrupt municipalities, major roads with deadly potholes, an electricity provider that fails to provide electricity, leaving millions without power for days on end resulting in further reduced productivity and traffic chaos, a national carrier that is bankrupt, sewage works that flood the rivers with deadly E.coli, taps that run dry, or run with bacteria. The scale of the looting is so bad, that one journalist recently advised Forensics for Justice that he was not interested in writing a story about a corrupt cop, who got a kick-back of R480,000 as the amount was ‘insignificant’ compared to what’s going on elsewhere. Some of the work we are doing on state capture, is still top-secret. However, we are able to share some of our recent work, as well as the work of the public protector and the Trillian Capital report of esteemed Advocate, Geoff Budlender SC. We will building on these repositories as more work becomes available for sharing.