Forensics for Justice have been investigating State Capture for several years now. Some of those reports are on this web-site, others are with Afriforum, or comprise prosecutorial sensitive information and are therefore not in the public domain.

We have heard, for some time now, the arrogance of the Gupta family in repeatedly lying to the world when saying that the Gupta leaks are fake. We wish to place it on record that we have had access to the leaks for some time now and are 100% certain that the leaks, which do not merely contain e-mails, but also contain share certificates and the like, are 100% genuine. For the avoidance of doubt, we have analysed many e-mails, attachments, and various documents on the server itself.

We have done this using industry standard analysis tools, which clearly prove to us that the e-mails, attachments, and the documents found in the various folders are 100% authentic. We attach just three of such reports here on our website.