It’s almost five years since we opened a Corruption docket against then acting Chief of Police, Khomotso Johannes Phahlane. By January 2016, the prima facie evidence we had amassed against the corrupt police chief amounted to a shocking display of criminal arrogance.

To evade justice and working with other corrupt generals in the police, Phahlane soon fought back. His fight-back campaign amounted to multiple unlawful raids on the offices of Forensic for Justice and the kidnapping of our staff, as well as multiple false criminal charges against those that were exposing him.

On 2020-08-11, the Labour Court dismissed his urgent application to set aside his dismissal from the police. Like some of his accomplices, Phahlane has access to costly, but incompetent, lawyers at tax-payer expense. Will he have to pay back the money, or will the State continue to fund his desperate attempts at staying out of his prison?

How long will it take to purge the police of all his accomplices?

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