Whilst the Zuptoids were looting Eskom for the top end, corrupt managers and contractors took advantage of the complete failure of ethics at Eskom, to loot from the other end.

This is a sordid tale of a contracting company, that received more than R4 Billion in contracts, having paid-off the Contracts Manager at Eskom. In a brazen display of sheer arrogance, the top-end looters blamed the bottom end looters (and vice versa) for Eskom’s dire cash problems.

Meanwhile, they were all bleeding the utility dry in an almost decade long feeding-frenzy. Forensics for Justice will be pushing for early justice interventions on this criminal case docket. We have also called for the police to seize the passports of the suspects.

*Parts of the docket have been redacted, to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act.