Forensics For Justice

When Zuma took power, he lost no time in ‘capturing’ the country’s security structures. Forensics for Justice exposed the capture of the criminal justice system as far back as 2012, after picking up links between Mdluli and Sunday Times. We issued a detailed report in 2016, which can be seen here.

In Q2, 2018, we turned one of ex-Minister of Intelligence David Mahlobo’s undercover agents, debriefed him and turned it all over to the President, so that he could be aware of the ever-present threat.

The sheer audacity of Zuma’s accomplices, like Mahlobo, who was also engaged in unlawful wire-taps of ourselves and others, whilst running a criminally secret parallel intelligence structure is breathtaking. We opened a criminal docket with the DPCI in June last year and will be calling for Mahlobo to be hauled before the Zondo Commission so that he can ‘sing’ just like Agrizzi did.