Forensics For Justice

Exactly THREE years ago, we opened a criminal docket against Lucky Montana, for his corrupt looting of State Owned Company PRASA, to the tune of at least R4 billion.

Three years later, no investigation has been carried out by the Captured Hawks, no decision to prosecute has been taken and not a single Rand of the R4 billion has been seized by the Asset Forfeiture Unit. Put simply, the machinery of State, who are supposed to STOP corruption, are themselves corrupt and have become unfit for purpose. On the third anniversary of our criminal complaint against Lucky Montana and his accomplices, which complaint has been published on this website at we have opened another criminal complaint with the DPCI, to expose the wanton corruption between Gavin Watson and ANC MP Vincent Smith. Smith has fraudulently claimed to have partaken in a ‘loan’ in excess of R670,000 and pretends that the loan was above board, despite even a loan being regarded as ‘Gratification’ in terms of the anti-corruption legislation. In return for his ‘loan’ and alleged monthly cash payments of R100,000 Vincent Smith has ensured years of multiple contracts at inflated prices being awarded to Bosasa, a company owned and managed by Gavin Watson and his opaque family trust.

Watch this space as we unpack the depth of the corruption by one man and the amazing list of persons that have accepted ‘Gratification’ from this one man.

As we gear up for exposure which will name and shame many more high-profile persons, we are also gearing up for the launching of private prosecutions to fill the void left by an incompetently reckless DPCI, NPA, who have been captured by the underworld for the last four years.

We urgently call for your help in funding these ongoing actions,