Forensics For Justice

As the BOSASA Crime Syndicate Unravels
Forensics for Justice calls for Polygraph Tests

When Angelo Agrizzi approached Forensic for Justice in October 2017, we knew that this would be the beginning of the end for BOSASA CEO Gavin Watson and all those Zuma accomplices he bribed.

We knew that the investigations would run for many years, so we singled out Watson and then Deputy Minister of Correctional Services, Vincent Smith and opened a docket. A copy of the docket opened in September last year can be found here:

We now call upon all those named by Agrizzi, who are feigning innocence, to step forward for a FREE POLYGRAPH, if they want to clear their name. We will pay for the Polygraphs and publish the results on this platform. If they REFUSE to step forward we are saying that this amounts to a public statement that they are afraid of what the results might yield.

In particular, we call upon:

· Jacob Zuma,

· Dudu Myeni,

· Nomvula Mokonyane

· Nomgcobo Jiba &

· Lawrence Mrwebi,

…to step forward for a free Polygraph test, if they have nothing to hide.

We do not invite Gavin Watson, or Vincent Smith to step forward, as we have seen for ourselves the weight of evidence against them, which should ONLY be tested in a criminal trial.

In fact, we see that Watson/Smith docket as low-hanging fruit and call upon the DPCI and NPA to have them brought before a court to face the charges against them, especially since Smith has admitted receiving monies, which included university fees for his daughter at the University of Aberystwyth.

We also call on Nomvula Mokonyane to make a transparent disclosure concerning the university education of her daughter in China, setting out who paid the university fees, luxury apartment and pocket-money. At the time, Mokonyane was active in the school lap-top project, which resulted in a lo90ss of R1.6 Billion.

Finally, we call for a forensic audit of the Zuma Foundation, which we believe was used for money laundering, under Myeni’s control.