Tony Beamish masquerades as a journalist yet has a dark side which he has tried desperately to conceal, and is now being exposed, in the public interest.

  1. In 2016, in order to extort a web administrator, Beamish filed a fraudulent debt, against the web administrator and then sent details of the fake debt to the web administrator’s bank manager.
  2.  In 2016, Beamish put his lover up to filing a fake kidnapping claim against Paul O’Sullivan, to boost his journalistic career.
  3. In 2018, a Senior Magistrate found that Beamish’s lover had stolen documents from her employer and passed them on to Beamish, under the fraudulent guise of a whistle blower. Ironically, Beamish used the same lawyer, that he had supplied the stolen Bobroff files to, to defend himself against the harassment claims of the web administrator.
  4. In 2019, he crept into the bedroom of his lover’s daughter and sexually assaulted her, whilst she was asleep, thereafter stalking her for more than a year, on her vehicle tracking device.

The public at large need to be aware of the modus operandi of this evil sexual predator and we set out the documents below, to allow you to decide: Is Beamish a Perverted Fraudster, or a Professional Journalist.
Carte Blanche and Moneyweb were fully aware of Beamish’s fraudulent and perverted behaviour yet elected to protect and shield him, for reasons they have yet to explain. They also publicly supported his fraudulent narrative that his mistress had been kidnapped and Beamish even got financially rewarded for the false narrative.

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