There can be no doubt that hate speech being spewed by antagonistic racists such as Mcebo Dlamini, are not only divisive, but can have the effect of spurring on persons of unsound minds, to commit racist attacks and even murder.

We are delighted that an anonymous client of Forensics for Justice has been able to get the SAHRC to find that Mr Dlamini’s utterings amount to hate speech.

To the best of our knowledge and belief, Mr Dlamini has NOT issued a retraction or apology, as was required of him by the SAHRC, meaning he must now face the full might of the law.

There is no room in South Africa for racist bigots such as Mr Dlamini and we hope he will change his ways, or have his ways changed for him.

If a white person did what Mr Dlamini did, they would face jail time. We believe that a stretch of correctional supervision is now long overdue for Mr Dlamini and will call for a prison term unless he changes his ways.

Forensics for Justice will continue to monitor this case to its natural conclusion.