By changing its name, Lawtons hoped to get away without being named as the most unethical law firm this country has ever seen.

Lawtons nomenclature over the past few decades, looked like this: –

LAWTONS: from 2019-11-13
HOGAN LOVELLS (SOUTH AFRICA): 2016-01-19 to 2019-11-13
ROUTLEDGES INC / ROUTLEDGE MODISE: 1992-10-05 to 2016-01-19

Whilst Lawtons were called “Hogan Lovells (South Africa)”, they raked in obscene fees, paid for out of the public purse, in return for shoring up State Capture and protecting criminals.

Their past will now catch up with them, as Forensics for Justice hold them to account for their crimes, by requesting their clients to dump them.

We could not understand why Warren Drew was so keen to discover where the leek came from, then we saw the revied the transcript again and saw that he got a ‘special mention’ by Hogan Lovells at 2019-05-14 ‘divorce’ meeting.