Forensics for Justice

Forensics for Justice were overjoyed at the news that Portuguese mafia businessman Tony Trindade and his accomplices have been arrested and charged with money laundering, fraud, corruption and other serious offences, involving bribes running into tens of millions of Rand, to secure contracts worth several Billion Rand. This is obvious proof that the DPCI, SIU and NPA have been hard at work. This is cause for celebration for all South Africans, as Trindade and his accomplices helped bring ESKOM to its knees and put out the lights.

The last few years have seen a wind favouring the criminals in South Africa and that’s now changed. We take our hats off to the real heroes out there, which are the honest hardworking men and women of the Hawks, SIU and the NPA that kept their shoulder at the wheel, despite their leadership assisting organised crime. Under new leadership we hope that the NPA, Hawks and SIU will now be free to do their job and bring criminals to book, whilst removing the remnants of State Capture from within their ranks, which remain like sleepers to undermine them.

We take this opportunity to thank the good women and men of the law enforcement agencies, that did not falter over the years and wish them all a peaceful and happy year end with their families.