On 11 June 2015, Odette Barkhuizen was gunned down in cold blood, by her husband, with one shot to the body and one to the brain. The murder was dressed-up to look like a hi-jacking gone wrong.

Forensics for Justice took the case on, pro bono and on 17 September 2015, Barkhuizen was arrested for his wife’s murder, following a three hour interview by Forensics for Justice and the police. We attach the interview transcript, because is shows, not only what a psychopath this man is, but it will take you inside the mechanics of a murder investigation.

Whilst the trial was underway, the now convicted murderer, set-up a Facebook page, called “11062015 truth before & after”, which he tried to pretend had been set up by a third party, in which he continuously defames and insults Paul O’Sullivan and Melissa Naidu.

Judge Ramarumo Monama slated Barkhuizen and his lawyer, Sita Kolbe for their reprehensible conduct during the trial. Barkhuizen was taken into custody until sentencing takes place on 2019-09-27.

Forensics for Justice thanks Constable Weideman for going the extra mile in the investigation.