Lt Col Charl Kinnear R.I.P. The people will fight back!

Forensics for Justice cannot and will not stand idly by whilst the criminal underworld assassinate ethical, hardworking cops at will.

Having fought to rid the criminal justice system of the evil of corruption for so many years, we will not let the Western Cape become the province that will take South Africa on a slippery slope to lawlessness. Charl Kinnear was a decent cop, the sort of cop that forms the back-bone of a good police service. We need cops like him in our country.

His killers MUST be brought to justice. Not only justice for the trigger-man and getaway driver, but the person or persons that ordered the hit.

There are too many corrupt cops and dirty journalists that work with corrupt cops in our country and we must all be vigilant until they are all in prison, along with the mafia that keep them in their obscene lifestyles. The dwindling spiral of corruption CAN be beaten and something CAN be done about it. Help us save South Africa from corruption.

REWARD R1,000,000

We will pay ONE MILLION RAND in CASH for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons that arranged the murder of Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear on 2020-09-18

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